Root Explorer Apk Download for Android

The root explorer is a very useful app that gives you unrestricted access to the file system of the Android smartphone.  You can free the space in your phone and get rid of the unwanted files to get access to the fuller file managing system which your smartphone offers to you. The root explorer is a fantastic app that can meet all the things you need. From this intuitive interface, you will be able to search for files by the category of name and size. You will also be able to export the files from any document using the famous platforms like Google, Dropbox, and drive. 

The well-known feature of this interface is that you will be able to use the app without any rooting. Using the root explorer you can simply perform the tasks by simply installing the apk where you can start the browsing the internal aspects of your phone without any restrictions. This app offers you the freedom to explore your phone. You can get full control of your phone and its entire file system. You can access any document on your phone with just simple clicks. The hidden files can also be explored with the features offered by the root explorer. 

This is the ultimate manager of the files. The root explorer works smoothly and conveniently in the low-end devices with open tabs. It gives you the opportunity to browse your SD card files which will be available in the device storage and the external storage. 

The features of the root explorer app 

•    You will be able to manage the files on your phone. You can add and remove any of the files. 

•    The users will be able to share any files through the Bluetooth and through the mobile mail. Tap on the file name and click to send. 

•    You can get to know all the details of the files like the created details and size. 

•    You can create the shortcut of the files on your phone. 

•    The app contains the preinstalled music player and video player. Stream the music, songs and movies online in this app.

•    Like the file manager where the phone has the file, you can move, copy and paste the file from one area to another.

•    The apps contain the inbuilt text editor and you will be able to bookmark the files. 

•    You can hide the private files and also unhide it if you choose. 

•    This app has some advertisements but you can simply remove them. 

How to download the app? 

This app is available in the play store and also provided in the sites for easy download options. You can transfer the file from the PC and then in the android easily with this app. For a third party download you have to allow the unknown resources to be installed in the phone and start the downloading process.  

These are some of the amazing features of the root explorer app. Download it and benefit from the features it has to offer.

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