Windows 10 Launcher For Android 2019

Have you gone bored with the old traditional user interface of your android phone? Are you looking for a perfect launcher for your Android device that will make it even much prettier? If your answer is YES, then Windows 10 Launcher for Android is one of the perfect options for you. It is one of the most excellent launchers for your android operating system available in the market that is going to impress you with the help of amazing features it includes. This android launcher is well known for its quick and easy to use interface that everyone can easily handle and work on. It is indeed a very clean, bright and energy efficiently launcher for your android that is going to save you from the clutter of icons.

Windows 10 Launcher Download for Android

 It is one of the first rated android launchers for your android that is primarily designed and developed as per the different needs of different users. It not only takes care of your user interface and makes it even more happening, it is a great platform that also offers the users easy navigation to the different apps as well. It is a free launcher that you can easily download from your Google Play Store. The only thing that you need to have for downloading this fantastic launcher is an android system well supporting 10 API and above. The downloading process is much more comfortable that can be easily accomplished just by making a few clicks only. Also read, GameCIH Apk Download.


Windows 10 Launcher for Android is a great option that is going to make your home screen even more interactive. It is one of the fully-featured apps for your android applications that come up with a wide array of beautiful features such as:

Customizable Theme Colors: Windows 10 Launcher includes a wide range of natural customizable theme colors from where you can easily choose the color of your theme as per your preferences. In other words, we can also say that you are now not going to have a colorful screen now but you are also going to have cleverly emulated feel of your Windows 10.

Stylish Titles: Now, make the headings and subheadings of your app icons even much stylish with the help of this beautiful launcher for your android operating system. Now make your home screen even much impressed with the support of rich pictures along with living titles for a majority of apps.

One click app download: Windows 10 Launcher is not only a perfect option for customizing your home screen, but it also serves as an app store for your device as well that enables you to download a vast variety of applications just with the help of single click only.

Windows Phone Experience: Windows 10 Launcher is a great option for all those who are looking a perfect app for their device that can enable them to enjoy the experience of working on Windows Smartphone on their android operating system. Also download, Root Explorer Apk.

Easy navigation to apps: This fantastic launcher also has made it much easier to navigate to your desired apps easily. In other words, we can also say that you now don’t need to search in the clutter of applications to find out your desired one, get this fantastic application on your device and add more to your user experience.


Above is the detailed information about Windows 10 launcher for android. So friends, what are you waiting for? Just install this fantastic launcher to your android phone now and easily customize your Smartphone as per your preferences. Hope the features mentioned above would be helpful to know in deep.